R1 vs. 828 ISO 800 Wide

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R1 vs. 828 ISO 800 Wide

People have been complaining about the slow/inaccurate low light focus of the R1...I have the R1, and I pretty much find this to be true, but not when the R1 is wide open at 24mm.

At 24mm, the R1 lens lets in plenty of light and focuses as fast as the 828.

I did a quick test with both cameras...

  • Set them both to ISO 800

  • 1/30 of a second shutter

  • Max aperture (2.0 for the 828 and 2.8 for the R1)

  • Set both cameras at 1mp, standard jpeg compression

Sorry for the baby pics ...The below pics are straight from the camera, no pp, except for the last.

828 - You will noticed that the 828 image is lighter that the next R1 image. This of course is because the 828 was shot at 2.0 aperture.

R1 - Darker (shot at 2,8), and a little softer but less noise.

R1 - Slight levels and sharpening to match 828 shot...I think the R1 is a clear winner.


Flat view
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