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Re: shutter lag

magicmikey wrote:

To be honest, when I was shooting sports for my college newspaper
(25 years ago), I rarely pre-focused with my manual SLR. I got to
the point where I would focus at the same time I was shooting. I
focused constantly and, to this day, I can still focus faster
manually than my film SLR (Pentax ZX 5) can automatically. That's
why I hate the fact that my Pentax zoom lens has a really narrow
grip for the manual focusing.

I'm sure that sound nearly impossible but it can be done in a split
second because you are using your left hand to focus while the
right one presses the shutter button. On top of that, you don't
have to focus much because you are usually close to the same
distance at all times. For example, in basketball, if you're
shooting action in the lane, you aren't going to have to adjust for
a 20' difference. It will only be a few feet, which requires a
slight turn of the focus ring.

Great techniques for for film SLRs and dSLR, but impossible with digicams with its pushbutton focusing and poor resolution and slow response viewfinders.

With my G6, I've learned to minimize the shutter lag by using the
manual exposure mode, setting the white balance manually and trying
to pre-focus as much as possible. The object is to keep the camera
from trying to determine any of the settings before taking the
shot. On top of that, the burst mode has really helped me get some
good images. I anticipate the shot I want and take 3 - 4 shots.

These are good tips for speeding up a digicam. I've used some with good success.

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