Lost all my September Pictures Undelete HELP Please

Started Nov 30, 2005 | Discussions thread
Kip Kline Contributing Member • Posts: 661
Aperture sure addresses this quesiton.

Aperture seemed to have real professional photographers helping
with its design.

After a couple of days with it we find that the Vault system is perfect
for backup. The library is transferred to the external drive on command.
Each time we finish a task or project it only takes a few seconds to
backup. The same way one would save a file can be done easily.

We keep all files on the CF card, write the originals to dvd right away,
then import the 5D files to Aperture and straight away Vault them too.

As the raws are processed they are vaulted too. The originals can then
be deleted from the HD to save space.

This system is darn near fool proof! Someone was thinking on this one.

The Aperture Vault is built right into the software. It looks and compares
the HD to the Vault and backs up only the changed library. How cool!

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