2.0: Faster write time?!

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2.0: Faster write time?!

Now with the new firmware version I turned a litttle geeky and wasted some 100 shots trying to see if the banding situation got better. While doing that I found the write time is improved. I got the feeling I was allowed to snap away a little faster than I'm used to.

??!! Is it too early in the morning? Me slower. Some measuring was called for!

Exposure set at 1/1000, all manual, continues shooting, RAW, MF
Handheld camera aimed at anything, a wall at home maybe

Start the exposure sequence by holding the trigger firmly pressed, don't let it go

First the camera takes five pics failry quick and then it slows down, keep trigged pressed

Take a a few other pictures and when you are prepared let go of the trigger just when one shot is taken and at the same moment start a stop-watch.
Keep your eyes on the orange LED and stop the stop-watch when it goes out.

My results (2 runs with each card);
15.0 and 15.3 seconds (Sandisk Extreme III, 1GB)
16.3 and 16.4 seconds (Sandisk standard, 1GB)
16.9 and 16.7 seconds (Kingston Elite Pro, 1GB)

This is niticeable better than what I got earlier. I made the same measurement when I got the camera and I don't recall the figures now. I do remember they matched the specifications though and it was something around 25 seconds, and the same time for all cards.



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