Firmware 2.0 and AUTO ISO

Started Dec 2, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: EV comp turns the Auto ISO off?

It's actually kind of annoying that way - I'd love to keep Auto ISO 200-800 on all the time (since the noise at 800 is hardly noticeable anyway); but I usually keep my DS at +.7 EV, since i've got a "90" meter and I want to expose a little more to the right - I can watch out for blown highlights myself, but pulling up exposure increases noise - .. which makes autoISO useless to me.

I guess it might be kinda asking a lot, considering I'm already so happy just with C-AF, but couldn't they put that on a CFn or something? "EV disables AutoISO - 1 Yes, 2 No" .. shouldn't be too hard right?

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