Fish-eye FOV's [chart+imgs] & thanks to Jim King

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Fish-eye FOV's [chart+imgs] & thanks to Jim King

With great indebtebness to "The King of LBA" Jim King, who kindly sent me his original images to play with (thank you Jim), I show below the difference between the DA 14, DA 12-24 @ 12mm and a PTLens de-fished Peleng 8mm fish-eye.

I overlaid the images on my updated FOV chart which had FOV's down to 10mm rectilinear and an "estimate" for a de-fished 8mm fish-eye (boy, was I wrong on that one!).

The solid image is the DA14 which I resized to fit the calculated 14mm FOV exactly. The red half-tone is the DA 12-24 at 12mm. It is either less wide than 12mm or the DA14 is a bit wider than 14mm. The green half-tone is the de-fished FOV of the 8mm Peleng! - WOW!

For those who want to view a larger image -

Guess what? I ordered myself a Peleng the day I saw the images!

The Pentax 10-17 fisheye zoom will give an image size at 10mm slightly smaller than the 8mm Peleng. Imagine a crop that removes the circular edges of the Peleng un-defished image below.

Thinking about it as I type this, I shall do a crop, de-fish it and overlay that one to give a guestimate for the Pentax.

I really cannot wait for the Pentax fish-eye to arrive! Then what shall I do with my Zenitar and Peleng lenses? I shall use them on my MZ-S of course!

Hope this impresses, it certainly did me!
Richard Day - 'Carpe Diem!'
Gloucester UK

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