This camera War has gone far Enough

Started Dec 1, 2005 | Discussions thread
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This camera War has gone far Enough

I dont know about others on this forum but since the release of the P850 there seems to be a lot of debate going on as to which is the best camera.

What is best is what is best for you, the rest is all baloney, like kids at play getting nasty and saying "Mine is better than yours", Mine is bigger that yours"

Will you just listen to yourselves, "My Zoom is bigger than yours" so what "My camera has a machine that makes you a cup of tea", just like being Kids

To DX/Z7590 owners you know you have a great camera so why defend it, to newer forum members that have the P850, of course you are happy with your camera, just use it.

Thankfully I can only ever remember m,aking comment that the colours were different on the P850, that to me was fair comment, I didnt say the P850 had lousy colour, just different, since then WW3 has broken out on the forum.

Please can we all get back to normal on this forum and stop trying to prove to others that what we have is better, I for one am getting just a little fedup of some of the garbage that is getting spewed out.
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