Hurra! I sold my e-300 and will switch to Canon now

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Hurra! I sold my e-300 and will switch to Canon now

Finally I managed to get a fairly decent price for my e-300 with the two kit lenses and I am finally finished with my excursion to the Olympus world.
Back to good old Canon again.

Here are my reasons why I am not satisfied with the e-300, which I bought in March 05:

  • it took nearly half a year for the firmware to reach half way maturity (with 1.3) until then I had to cope with:

  • complete unusable metering (some lighter patches irritated the metering so much, that the entire image got underexposed)

  • metering is still not 100% reliable - in 80% of the cases I end up playing around with the exposure compensation to get the image right

  • metering is very unreliable and there is virtually no difference between ESP and centric.

  • noise levels at 800 & 1600 are simply not acceptable, not to say unusable (and don't argue with the post processing - yes, I do post processing, but I simply demand usable images at this iso levels)

  • 3 AF spots are not enough - I often ended up with shifting the camera around to get the main object sharp

  • the 40-150 tele kit lens is not that good as often said - it is less sharp than the wide kit lens

  • Auto WB does often fail (around 50% of the images), so I ended up with guessing the current WB situation and setting the WB manually

  • WB problems and exposure metering issues lead to the fact, that I shot in RAW nearly all the time, but

  • why is the RAW file not compressed ? - with the Canon 6 MB raw file I have 100% more space on my card compared with the 13 MB for the e-300

  • I love the Rawshooter Essential tool, but it does not get the in camera data right, so I ended up with tweaking the WB Kelvin agaiin

  • the Oly Master software is a pain in the ase when it comes to raw processing (slow image per image processing only)

  • test on the e-500 had shown that Oly did not manage the noise level on this camera as well, so I do not see a good future for the Kodak chip and the e-system at all.

Yes, there are some pros for the e-300, but not enough to keep me hooked with the system:

  • dust removal system: excellent, indeed - nevertheless nothing compared to the day to day problems with noise levels and exposure

  • handling and build quality also excellent

So, I much liked the folks here around the Oly forum. You are are great bunch of people who do shoot quite often excellent pictures with your Oly gear.

Well, I have ordered a Canon 350D to start with and the 10-22 and 28-135 IS lenses.

I was finally convinced of Canon when I tried the camera with the 28-135 lens from a friend. I had to look at the data to spot the ISO 1600 images amongst the other 400 iso ones.....
WB was also excellent...

I will come back to this forum to follow the threats and will switch between the 350 forum and here frequently.

So, have a good time !

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