Lexar CF card? worth it?

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Re: Lexar CF card? worth it?

Hi, I really did a serious research on CF cards becuase I just got my 995, (I paid about 700 and the stupid rebate came out:( )

I was running a Kodak 64MB CF, and after reading an article comparing different cards that were used in Nikon D1. I decided to use 10X Lexar CF, the major feature of Lexar CF is that they give you the minimum speed while other companies give you maximum speed that card can read and write,

I test my Kodak (64) and Lexar (160) and Lexar is about 2 to 3 secs faster than Kodak, I was using maximum resolution and size to test. It spent me about 15 sec for each photo taken and stored. The difference is there, but not very significant probably it's because my lexar is way bigger than Kodak, however, in theory, the size of memory card should not be related to the speed. however. Most people claim that size of the card will effect the speed?? (not very sure though)

Price is a huge difference between Lexar and any other cards in the market. I was looking at Delkin too, their price is reasonable and performance was quite good at least from reading the specs. You will find a Delkin128 on Ebay for about $70-80 while a used lexar 160 for $130. BUT never ever ever buy a generic CF.

James Coyle wrote:

I am a newbie with the new Coolpix 995 and am currently in the
market for additional storage.

With so many diffrent variations of flash cards and prices, I am
finding it hard to make a decision. I don't mind spending the extra
$ for a quality product that is truly superior to others.

Does the Lexar card fit that description, or am i just wasting my
hard earned cash.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions on Brand and size

Thanks in advance

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