Hacking the F707 flash

Started Oct 9, 2001 | Discussions thread
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Shay Stephens Forum Pro • Posts: 12,091
Hacking the F707 flash

Want to improve some of your flash pictures without spending one extra dime? Try my new patented "Shaytech Flash Enhancer".

1) Cut a strip of white shiny cardboard 1 3/16ths inch by 3 13/16ths inch long.

2) Bend the strip 1 1/2 inches from the edge so that you now have an L shaped strip.

3) Place this into the flash opening

(I used a box of Entenmenn's Little Bites Mini brownies. I suppose a box of Twinkies etc would do the same)

Here it the result:

Without the "Shaytech Flash Enhancer"

And with the "Shaytech Flash Enhancer"

Both shots were manual mode with the same settings, the only change was the insert.


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