About histograms, metering methods and post processing

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Re: Analogue days...

Garry Schaefer wrote:

as I understand it, it is appropriate to consider digital
more akin to shooting slide transparencies. In that case taking
care not to overexpose the highlights was also often the key.
Therefore, think slides rather than film.

Yes and no.

True, you do not want to blow the highlights, especially in the significant areas of the image, but you also want to push the exposure as much to the light side as possible without clipping.

This is where "Highlight" mode in the playback is really helpful. You get the flasing display of blown-out areas.

A properly-exposed Raw file is usually much lighter in the LCD display than a properly-exposed slide on a light table. Until you really start to think digital, an LCD image that makes you think "Nailed it!" has probably wasted at least half of the theoretically available color space.

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