A stupid question: sharpness/resolution vs focus

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Re: A stupid question: sharpness/resolution vs focus

Actually, most "serious" landscapers I know rarely stop past f/11 if they're using 35 mm. OTOH few really "serious" landscapers I know are using 35 mm, they tend to prefer medium-format or view cameras, although some have gone for FF digital lately.

But yeah, if you stop down past the diffraction limit, you will be sacrificing resolution for depth of field. That's why they don't, unless they really want the DOF.

As to the tripod, it'll make a difference even if you're not shooting at f/22... unless you're shooting in the noonday sun, which very few "serious" landscapers do on a regular basis.

(Why am I again reminded of cousin Angus and sugar on porridge...?)

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