A stupid question: sharpness/resolution vs focus

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Re: A second stupid question

Clemens B. wrote:

did the A. Adams and others in the f-64 crowd do it or deal with it?

They had way larger CoC than our smallish 16MP/24*36 Chips today, I
think it didn't affect their regular prints much.

The thing I find interesting regarding CoC is that even in 4x5, the CoC is sized based on an 8x10 print, the same as in 35mm. So the DoF calculators found on some LF cameras, like Sinars, are based on this number. Standard advice is, if you want to go big with your images, use the calculator, and close down at least one more stop.

I haven't shot my LF stuff much in recent years, but I'm getting the urge to break it out. I hate lugging it around, but nothing else comes close to LF when it comes to holding detail. I find myself sometimes disappointed with the detail in digital images. I know it's because I'm spoiled by LF images - grain-free 30"x40" prints are incredible. I mostly shoot landscapes, and LF is really the way to go if you want the detail that caught your eye to begin with. Cost of film and processing can really hurt, though - it's on the order of $5-$6 per 4x5 frame.

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