To Anthony and Artichoke

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To Anthony and Artichoke

First of all I read your (Anthony and Artichoke) threads with great interest. This thread is not to meant to be critical or offensive in any way, I'm just telling you guys of my experience and feelings. I certainly would like your two cents!!!

I am 62 years old and have been a full time wedding and senior photographer for 30 years. I have been totally digital for three years and have shot over 100 weddings digital. I started with the S1, then went to the Canon D60, and finally to the S2 and S3. Sometimes I think I should have retired or have stayed with film!

Now that you know my experience with digital, let me get down to business and tell you my feelings about the S3.

There is no question that Fuji has the best sensor in the business. I don't care what anyone says about RAW vs. Jpeg, after shooting tens of thousands of exposures if you nail a good exposure with a good WB(talking about Jpeg) the S3 files will stand up against any RAW file.

Secondly, I have no complaints about the body, it seems to stand up well against hard use.

Now let me tell you about my wedding last night! We do all altar shots with two studio strobes. the S3 focus well in good light. At the reception, however, with poor lighting the S3 delivers about 15 to 20% out of focus images.

The second problem I had with Fuji, was doing outdoor wedding pictures at the state capitol building in Springfield, Il. With the SB800 as fill light on a cold and overcast day, the AWB was terrible!!! The fill flashes were terribly overexposed. I had to set the camera manually for the correct exposure and then bias the flash -1 to -2. I feel like a fool taking 2 to 4 "test" exposures to get it right. The files are still very blue-cold!! Of course I can correct this in photoshop but our slide shows at the reception don't look too good with cold files!!

I have ordered the D200 sight unseen!! I will take less quality of files for better autofocus and better AWB and day. Brides and Grooms, including their families, are not that critical of color or jaggies, etc. as the people on this forum.

Anyway, you guys can tell me what you think, you won't hurt my feelings in anyway. All I am looking for is an honest dialog. I really don't care what brand of camera I use as long as I get the results. I do have an extensive collection of Nikon lens so I would like to stay with Nikon and Fuji
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