What a $100 dollars can get you if your not to picky

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What a $100 dollars can get you if your not to picky

I recently picked up a 70-210 f4(constant) lense in a local pawn shop
I watched it for awhile and no one seemed to want it due to the fact that
it looked to have been dropped at some time and also had small 1/8 inch scratch

about 1/4 inch from the edge on the front element but I figured I would take the risk
for the $100 dollars I think I did ok

I had had this lense a couple of years ago and for some reason was not that impressed

with it at the time and sold it I am now conviced the that first copy was not up to par

This is a shot from today 1/500 f4 at full 210 resized from NEF and then did a
USM of 500, 0.2, 0 in photoshop elements but it was plenty sharp before this USM

I have had the 70-200VR but after lugging that monster around my neck for a couple of
days I decided I could live without it

I love the size of this lense and the results I have been getting out of it so far

but it does have its problems it seems to hunt a lot and focusing is really slow
but amazingly I seem to be getting equal results out of this thing wide open
as stopped down to 5.6 or 8 brokeh and sharpness are pretty good as well
I sure wish nikon would update this lense with AF-S

100% crop

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