Pentax dead in UK?

Started Nov 23, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Pentax dead in UK?

With only the DL on sale in most stores in the Xmas run up, and very lukewarm reviews about the DL performance, does the decision not to market the DS2 in Europe/UK mean Pentax is pulling out - or are they just incompetent?

I note also that the recent rebates and new DSLR website is US only, no rebates for us brits or europeans. Thanks a bunch.

I can get all the DA lenses, though some I have to wait for and the 12-24 is only being advertised in one or two stores at totally exhorbitant prices, but the lack of a big brother to the DL gives folk the impression there is no upgrade path and makes Pentax look like a real minor player. Besides, which fool will spend $400 on a DL and then drop £700 on a 12-24 wideangle?

I switched to Pentax mainly because of the *istD and the 16-45 which were the best combo around at the time for the price (compared to 10D, D100 and S2). Now the DL is competing at the same price point as the E500 (8MP), 350D (8MP), KM5D (IS inbuilt) and D50 (?) and is selling like turd pies in a delicatessen. My local dealer has one in the window and none on back order and is considering dropping Pentax altogether. He sold about 2 DS a month for nearly 6 months and hasnt sold one DL.

Pitching the DS2 against these same cameras may give them half a chance, and undercutting them all with the DL (£350 body) is about their only option. But having a great DA lens lineup and no body is just rediculous.

Sorry Pentax, but if you dont take us seriously in the worlds biggest camera market I'm making a downpayment on a D200 and putting all my glass and bodies on eBay by the new year. I really REALLY dont want to, I love my glass and Ive invested over £4k in pentax gear, but if I cant source new Pentax gear in the UK, there is no point in owning a Pentax at all and by the new year there wont be any dealers left who stock it.
Feeling very p*ssed off right now.

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