Hi Ho! Hi ISO!

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Hi Ho! Hi ISO!

I'd like to say that I've been bagging PSPX lately for some shortcomings that I feel should not be there; however, I have to give credit where credit is due.

PSPX does have some nice features, once you start using 8 bit TIFF files. The B&W coversion facility isn't bad and when you can use some good plug-ins, it works quite well.

It also has quite a good noise reduction capability, which I found out while testing out high ISO shots. This facility is perhaps even better than Neat Image, which can be a bit confusing regarding what settings to use.

I'm not usually a high ISO shooter, but it's good to know that you can use the E1 for high ISO work and get quite good results. Others have shown some examples already, but I thought it might be of interest to those contemplating the various tools you use to do this.

The following shots have been taken in RAW, converted to 8 bit TIFF in Capture One and then PSPX Digital Camera Noise Removal (not auto mode) applied. Some experimentation was used with the settings and there is possibly a bit more refinement available.

I used fairly mild noise reduction, as there's a balance needed between getting noise reduction and retaining detail. If these were slated for print, I would have applied even milder noise reduction.

The images were then reduced in size, USM applied and saved as a JPG.

The first shot is taken in a fairly dark room with ambient light and the second in bright shade. I guess what other brands can do in-camera, we can emulate fairly closely out of camera.

14-54mm @ 19mm, 1/100 sec @f2.9, ISO3200:

14-54mm @ 54mm, 1/2500 sec @ f4.5, ISO3200:



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