what is wront with this image?

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Re: what is wrong with this image?

I think perhaps you really want to determine what it is that you find wrong with the images. On some the focus is a little soft, but not very. Since they are essentially snaps, you are also asking a lot from them. Good pictures depend a lot upon the photographer and the opportunities that come up. Portraits tend to crop out background or lose it in bokeh so the subject is the literal focal point of the image. Snaps are quite different.

Years ago I took pictures of a gopher snake and found myself asking your question. My answer was that I had taken a lot of serpentine portraits. The reptile's head was in the exact center of every image and half the body was missing in every one as well. So possibly one answer is that you have portraits compositions in a snap environment. That isn't something that a camera can help with.

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