what is wront with this image?

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The most common reasons for "blurry" are:

1. Camera shake - Does the problem happen at all shutter speeds or mainly the lower ones? At all zoom settings or mainly at max telephoto?

2. Depth of field - dSLR have a much smaller "DoF" or range of acceptable focus than P&S cameras.

3. Misfocus - the AF points are actually larger than than the indicator, so the camera may not be focusing on what you think it is.
In addition, the automatic selection of the focus point will sometimes
choose the wrong spot. Some cameras are not properly calibrated.

4. lens issues - While the 15-55 lens can be good lenses for the price, there is a reason such statements are always qualified as "for the price."

In particular, the lens may not at their best at the far end of the zoom range and wide open or very small apertures.

Fixes for these problems include:

1a. Higher shutter speed and/or practice holding the camera steady
1b. a tripod or monopod
1c. Buying image stabilization lenses

1d. Put the camera in continuous mode and shoot bursts of 3 or 4 shots. You will often find one that is noticeably sharper than the others.

2. You can use a smaller aperture to get more DOF, but then issue #1 will become important again. It will always be harder to get both near and far in crisp focus with the rebel vs. the P&S, but then again it's very difficult to get a P&S to focus on only the subject and not the distracting background.

3. Try turning on just using the center focus point. If your camera consistently seems to "front" or "back" focus, send it (with lens) to Canon for calibration.

4. Most lenses are best around f/8 plus or minus a bit. More money can buy better lenses. Fixed focal length lenses are usually sharper than zooms.

You can apply additional sharpening using the USM feature of your editing program. There are also dozens of other techniques.

Get yourself a collection of sharpening actions know why, when and how to use them. This is a very broad'topic. A topic Digital Photographers Understandably Obsess about because of a very real impediment the Anti-Aliasing filter on a sensor. It's not just a case of the CoC from poor lens acutance anymore.

Hope this puts you straight.


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