Giving up photography - advice please

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Giving up photography - advice please

Dear all

After 2 years shooting a P&S and 1.5 years with my beloved 10D, I have decided that I will give up photography.

I have just finished my first year of med school at Sydney University, and I decided that in order to become the best I can be, I should let photography go.

It's not that photography is causing me to perform poorly in med school - in fact, I think I am doing quite well so far.

The trouble is that apart from the hours that I spend in class or at home studying, I am thinking about photography and cameras.

I have decided some years ago that I would become a doctor, not just any doctor but a great one. I will no longer tolerate being distracted by anything, no matter how much it means to me.

It's not that I go out lots to take pictures. But when I do go out, I am too much of a perfectionist to leave the photos as they are - in fact, I spend the rest of the day post-processing and posting them on my pbase galleries.

Here's where I need advice:

Has anyone had to make similar sacrifices for any reason? If there are, I'd love to hear about it. Please also tell me how long it was before you picked up the camera again. Giving up photography feels like losing a limb or an eye, and I need to hear other people's stories.

I am flying to Korea in 7 hours, for a 3 week holiday during which my fiancee will get to meet my family. It will also be my last trip I make with my 10D before I come back to Sydney and start selling all my gear on ebay.

Although I will give up 'photography', I plan to get a small P&S for the purpose of taking snaps on birthdays, holidays etc. This way, I can still create lasting memories while not spending any time on 'photography'.

Thanks for reading. This post was as much about needing to write about my feelings and my determination, as it was about needing replies and advice from people who went through similar experiences.

And while I'm in a reflective mood, here are a few of my 'Greatest Hits' photos


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