Firefox 1.0.7 Crashes on loading dpreview - EVERY TIME

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Re: sadly

drwho9437 wrote:

While your site is responcible about ads and the use of flash
others are not, hence savy users use of tools like flashblock. You
are of course correct, that users who enjoy a site should unblock
the site in such extentions so that the ads can generate revenue
for the site.

OR, contribute directly (paypal button on phil's site) and then feel free to configure YOUR OWN DARNED BROWSER to view pages the way YOU WANT. (yes, I contributed - and its probably time for another press of the button - I'll go do that now and put my money where my mouth is)

don't forget: the ORIGINAL intention of the web was: webmasters tag elements by type and the browser HAS THE FINAL SAY over formatting, viewing, etc. sorry phil, but I do not subscribe to the mistaken view that anything you (or any publisher) pushes at me MUST hit my eyeballs. I just don't agree at all, not one tiny bit. web should be about separating content from style and the style DOES belong to the end user. and if my style happens to block .swf, that's just how I prefer to have my 'internet experience'. nothing at all invalid abut that, either.

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