Fall Colors from the Best pocket digicam I ever owned

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Re: Fall Colors from the Best pocket digicam I ever owned

ANAYV wrote:

How about saturation?

Some say it's better to capture more colors initially,than to try
and boost color levels in PP.

Hmmm... you got me on that one, haven't really thought that much about saturation - so these are going to be just some initial thoughts.

Saturation - I think is different from gamut (range of colors) - to me saturation is the intensity of colors - I would take this as analogous to contrast somewhat - so maximizing the saturation may find certain colors being the equivalent of "blown out" - ie: the upper values become OVER-saturated - so one again loses the shades of the color - sorry to repeat (I'm thinking as I'm writing this) - but somewhat like too high a contrast will blow out the highlights losing the upper shades....

It would also be similar for the shadow details - too much saturation would render some shadow details as too rich a black (or whatever dark color) losing some of the subtlties and/or even detail.

This is one of the reasons I like Canons - they seem to capture a lot of information without blowing too much out of range - so the pictures straight out of the camera may not look as dramtically pleasing as some other manufacturers - but do any manipulation or post processing and one easily then will know the difference - for me at least the "superiority" of Canon's approach.

However if I was to print straight from the camera - I probably would use some other brand (not that Canons are that muted) but I would get more dramatically pleasing prints straight from the camera.....

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