Photography seminars/tours...who has been and ...

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Photography seminars/tours...who has been and ...

what did you like and what didn't you like. Was it worthwhile.

Ok, I get asked often about shooting in Yellowstone and southern Utah. I have met others in those areas and had a great time shooting. I have had a few people encouraging and asking if I would teach them or show them around and help them shoot...and they have been willing to pay a little. I'm not totally sure I'm ready to take that step.

But, it has kind of made me think about doing something this spring. I don't think I'm "all that" when it comes to photography but in those locations I do think I can save people time when it comes to getting decent shots. I think getting better could become a group effort and improve all that attends skills.

I'm just bouncing ideas here. Looking for input from others that have attend these types of event. I'm wondering if it is something worth pursuing and trying to put together.

Heck it could be just a good time hanging out in a great location with friends and acquaintances with similar interests. The few of these things I have attended kind of worked out that way.

So what have your experiences been like?

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