R1 5 second exposure

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previewing and B/W with R1

Resolution is just WAY
too low, not to mention the slow refres rate. Maybe one day, EVF
can give you what you are looking for, but at this pt, I personally
prefer a good old optical VF.

Agreed, there's room for a lot of improvement. But an LCD screen helps me visualise a photo more than an optical VF even at the level of today's technology. Actually I'm waiting for the hologram VF!

But photos -> Prints, Video -> CRT/LCD. Diff output?

No sure what you meant by the above...I was just pointing out that if you're photographing in B/W with a LCD/EVF finder you can view the scene in B/W. Most other ystems force you to view the scene in color even if you are doing B/W i.e. DSLRs ( I suspect) and any analogue system.

Again, no disagreement about your sharpening observations...I was speaking more about the esthetics of sharpening...what a lot of digital workers don't realise ( or perhaps care about) is that art embraces all kinds of images from the very highest resolution ( engravings; etchings; pop art; contact print photography) to the lowest ( impressionist paintings; 'Diana' and snapshot photos) and there's no reason digital work shouldn't have this range also..and when people get over their infatuation with needle-sharp imagery I guess it will.


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