For wide nuts! A new Zenitar/PTLens FOV test

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For wide nuts! A new Zenitar/PTLens FOV test

I've recently been playing around with PTLens and my Zenitar to see just how wide it can cover compared to the DA 16-45 as an example. I have produced this chart with image overlays (both taken from the same vantage point) to show the differences.

Brett St Pierre suggested it would be a worthwhile posting as it was easier to see the benefits of the Zenitar/PTLens using this chart as it gives an exact point of reference, I apologise for the slight image shifts between the shots, but it is impossible to get precisely the same rendering between the lenses & corrections, but I think it is accurate enough for the purpose:

I would like to thank Brett for supplying the PTLens Zenitar profile, which is no longer listed in the latest profiles, as Thomas Niemann (PTLens creator) suggests that fisheyes should just be de-fished and cropped top and bottom. Here is an uncropped de-fished image just to illustrate this:

Hope this helps those who are trying to reconcile which W.A. lens to indulge their LBA on, i.e. DA 14, the DA 12-24 or just the humble, but very worthy Zenitar. My money goes on the Zenitar, because the image quality is first class and the cost is 1/5th the DA 14. However the extra FOV the 12mm provides may be justifiable to some, but it's a big price to pay for an extra few degrees.

The intersting thought that comes to my mind is what Pentax plan with their DA fish-eye zoom lens (on the lens roadmap) as an ultra-wide fish-eye coupled with PTLens could be VERY interesting.

Just as an experiment, I ploughed through some sites to find shots taken with the Sigma 8mm and the Peleng 8mm and I amazingly found 2 shots taken of the same location from virtually the same place with both lenses and had a play with both.

I cannot publish my results as I must respect any copyright issues, but surprisingly I found the Peleng to have less abberations and was sharper than the Sigma.

The Peleng construction is very basic (rough), but the performance seems remarkable considering how difficult it is to make a lens like these without fringing and image loss at the edges of the image circle at such short focal lengths.. Suffice it to say that there is considerable CA at the edges of a fully de-fished image, but wow, the FOV is awesome!

My LBA is strong at the moment with these rough and ready, but very interesting, Russian lenses. The other one that has me fascinated is the ARAX T&S 80/f2.8. I've seen some remarkable work done with a Canon T&S 90/2.8 - see:

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