A2 FW 1.14 and RAW Speeds - Report Here Pls

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Summary or RAW Speeds

Just a summary of the speeds forum members reported with the 1.14 update to their A2. Note that some times the same brand & type of card is reported with different write times.

If the difference is only 3 to 4 sec (as with Sandisk & Lexar cards), then it is due to how the time was measured (some measure shutter press to redlight off, while others measure redlight on to off) and human error in measuring.

If the difference is huge (like in Kingston, Ridata, Dane Elec), then the manufacturer is using more than one supplier for the CF Card memory controller. Some (like PNY, Transcend) are compatible with A2, while others (like the Samsung controller used in Kingston, ATP, Delkin etc) are not.

This table aims to provide a basic knowledge of how different brands/types of card perform in the A2. The Sandisk & Lexar cards, as before, are your best bet with the A2. You may also get similar speeds with Tanscend and PNY for a lesser cost, but no guarantees. And if you get a Kingston (like I did), then get used to missing the shot while waiting for the camera to unfreeze.

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Sandisk Extreme III - 2GB - 5s/12.5s
Sandisk Standard - 2GB - 10s/26s
Sandisk Ultra II - 1GB - 7s (1-RAW)
Sandisk Ultra II - 1GB - 4.7s/11.3s
Sandisk Standard - 512MB - 13s/31s
Sandisk Extreme - 512MB - 7s (1-RAW)
Sandisk Ultra II - 512MB - 6s/15s

Lexar 80X WA - 1GB - 8.3s/20.3s
Lexar 40X WA - 512MB - 6s (1-RAW)

Lexar 80X - 1GB - 7s (1-RAW)
Lexar 40X - 1GB - 7s/17s
Lexar 8X - 1GB - 12s/33s
Lexar ?? - 1GB - 8s/23s
Lexar 8X - 512MB - 10.9s (1-RAW)

Transcend 45X - 4GB - 8s/23s
Transcend 45X - 1GB - 10s/19s
Transcend 45X - 512MB - 4.9s/12.9s

Kingston ELite Pro - 2GB - 22s/58s
Kingston (Orange) - 1GB - 22s/58s
Kingston (orange) - 1GB - 23s (3-RAW)
Kingston ELite Pro - 512MB - 48.9s/142.3s
Kingston (Orange) - 256MB - 9s/23s
Kingston (Orange) - 256MB - 11.2s (1-RAW)

Ridata 40X - 256MB - 12s
Ridata 52X Pro - 521MB - 30s

PNY 1GB - 7.5s/22s

Viking - 256MB - 11s/31s

Dane Elec - 32MB - 22s
Dane Elec Xs - 1GB - 8.5s/16.2s

Hitachi MD - 6GB - 15s/42s
Hitachi MD - 2GB - 15s (1-RAW)

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