Fighting shaking and blur

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Re: Fighting shaking and blur

I've been shooting a lot of sports on a 300d with a 300mm zoom on it. I've had good results hand holding down to 1/125 by leaving it connected to the tripod with the legs extended about half way and having the tripod braced against my body. A bit hard to describe but it does allow me to run up and down the sidelines and then still take shots. I have the legs open as well and that sort of increases the rotational inertia of the setup.

Two legs against my chest, left hand holding the front leg, camera pushed against my face, right hand releasing the shutter.

Just had a look through my stuff and I've actually got handheld shots at 1/60th 300mm that are sharp enough... As I had the iso up at full threre is more unsharpness from the very poor image quality and under exposure than hand held blur.

But my mum has the 17-85 IS and that's fantastic...

Cheers Jason =:)

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