E300 Comfort Issue

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Re: Intriguing...

I'll try to !

When the camera is pressed tight to the face and held with both hands, there always seems to be some camera shake due to tension, breathing etc. To reduce shake iat low shutter speeds or when using the 50-200, I try to support most of the camera's weight using the grip, and just very lightly steady it with the left hand. I also keep the camera only just resting on my face. The longer body of the E300 seems to help with this pendulum action, and the supporting arm seems to dampen the arm/ wrist movement. Then I take the shot after breathing out slowly.

Those with shooting experience (guns that is) probably have their own techniques -
Might not work for anyone else, but seems to do for me!

mmditter wrote:

could you explain this technique in a little more detail? I've
never heard of it before, but it sounds interesting.

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