do all digital slr lens feel funny?

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Re: do all digital slr lens feel funny?

harveyabc wrote:

UPDATE TO MY POST. please don't laugh at me but that smooth as
silk feeling on the nikon zoom lens was the focus ring, not the
zoom ring.

Probably those Nikkors are manual focus only, yes? In that case, those were usually metal construction, brass plated and often liquid damped. In one word, constructed exclusively for precise manual action. But for an autofocus motor to work quickly, you must keep the friction and damping down.

Among the EF lenses I know, the 100 USM macro has the best manual focusing feel (no surprise there, on a macro lens you need precise manual focusing, and from the feel of it you seem to be shifting a lot of glass around inside the lens). It does come close, but consequently, AF on this lens is slow.

Finally, my guess is that most mid-priced EF lenses are designed with a usage pattern of 99.9% AF in mind.

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