The MAGIC happened!!! (1.14 again)

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Ferenc MOGOR Veteran Member • Posts: 5,625
The MAGIC happened!!! (1.14 again)

Hiya Ax Owners,

Many of you will remember that a few months ago we had a thread here putting up a wish list to KM on what improvements we, the Ax owners would like to see upgraded in our cameras.

For those who missed this thread here it is with a condensed list of our desires:

Among the many good ideas there was a case when someone wanted to have "maybe more continuous shots... say 5 in a row... the A2 is limited to just 3 in any resolution, even the lowest".

And now, listen to this and please tell me whether I'm dreaming or have gone completely nuts, but I swear it happened.

First I took 3 RAW shots (on a SanDisk Ultra II 2.0 GB) in a row (my EVF preview is set to 2 sec), then I continued and it worked by allowing a 4th shot, then a 5th, then a 6th,...then I stopped after taking 20 RAW shots in a row. Had to have a beer!!

Couldn't believe it, so I did another series of shots by continuously hitting the release button right after the 2 sec display went off,...and Boy, this time A2 allowed me to take 30 RAW shots in a row!!!

Can you test your Ax and confirm this case. If it is true it should mean the buffer size has been enormously expanded to the benefit of all of us.

Lookin' forward to your call.

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Cheers, Feri

'I can look at a fine photograph and sometimes I can hear music. Ansel Adams.'

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