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Re: Elinchrom strobes

The 500 head is one of the last of the old-school elinchrom mono heads. They are still made today with only very slight modifications, I think mostly to bring them up to current EU electrical safety regulations (you can tell the difference by looking at the '500' number on the side of the head; if it's green coloured, it's comparatively recent).

Elinchrom would probably prefer people to use Style 400BX heads in place of the old 500 head, but it's so popular, it can't be discontinued. The Style heads include a user-removable flash tube, greater range of power outputs and the option of remote control. More expensive ones allow multiple, auto-sensing voltage input for travelling (don't bother - this is what rental agencies are for... it's cheaper than air freighting flight cases around) and some of the really expensive versions have a more accurate colour integrity for those who take their white balance really, really seriously. In truth, I've found the yellowing of softbox material to have a more profound influence over flash colour than anything else.

I use a trio of 500 heads regularly and have done for a decade. Before that, I had a trio of 50 heads (virtually identical to the 500 head), until they were stolen. Chances are, I will keep the 500 heads until they fall apart, their capacitors wear out, they get stolen or I give up.
You name it, I've broken it.

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