5D images from India - the best yet

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Dissagree with all of you on the poverty issue

I am neither disgusted nor inspired by this gallery.

My objection to this gallery is simply that it does not accurately portray the subject. The use of B&W and reference to "poverty" creates a grim impression which (IMO) a deeper analysis of the place and even these images shows to be incorrect.

Many of the people, even in this gallery, and certainly the others, are not destitutes, they are people going about their business. For all we know some of them are middle class tourists from other parts of India. Varanasi in particular is a "tourist trap" for those people, and people bathing and on the Ghats are more likely to be from that background than destitute.

A loin cloth does not a beggar make.

Striking images do not journalism make (and to be fair the photographer never pretended otherwise)

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