R800 and Dark prints

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R800 and Dark prints

What am I doing wrong?

I have a R800 printer and use PS CS2 for editing and printing. If I turn ON color management in PS and off Color Management in the printer dialogue box, I’m getting prints that are too dark and have a yellowish cast, which sounds like the type of print you get when someone is double color managing. Unfortunately, I’m resorting to turning off Photoshop’s color management and using Epson’s photo Enhance color management and getting ok prints but not what I expect out of this printer. Printing this way, skin tones are bluish and colors in general are not vivid. I just have a feeling I am somehow double managing my color and don’t know how to correct it. Could windows XP SP2 be doing something behind the scenes on me that could be causing my frustrations? I have to admit, after having this printer for a year, I’m just about to throw it out the window.

To recap how I print:

In PS CS2, I select print with preview, Color Management is set to Document, and color Handling is set to Let PS determine Colors, printer profile set to SPR800 EnhMtte BstPhoto icc (or the type of Epson paper I’m using), and rendering intent is Relative Colorimetric.

In Epson Stylus Photo R800 Properties box:

Paper & Quality Options, I select Enhanced Matte Paper (or the type of Epson paper I’m using) quality is photo, High speed and edge smoothing is turned off, color management is ICM and this is turned off (no color adjustment).

I have a calibrated Dell LCD monitor and have verified with Epson that I am running on the latest updates.

I’m sure, I’m probably leaving some vital info out, so please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m getting pretty frustrated in the prints and need some help.


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