5D images from India - the best yet

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Yeah. I would like to have 45 point AF + weather sealing in a 5D.

I thought you might be from Barcelona, when I saw your pic from Las Ramblas

Again, very nice work! An inspiration for me! I hope I will have time to get a few interesting shots in Barca next week, unfortunately I'll be working long days all week.

Anything you'd recommend to shoot this time of year, early afternoon (sunday) or later in the evening?

ps. I've been there a couple of times before, so I know my way around and have done most of the obligatory tourist visits A lovely city!! If you'd care to grab a bite on sunday night, Nov 13th, I'd love to.


jrodrigo wrote:

Comparing to 1D MarkII, the only thing I would miss is the 45
points of AF. But I don't like 1.3x crop, nor complicate menus,
size and weight... With the 5D I can choose to use a grip to have a
more consistent camara and to shot vertically, but also take off
the grip to go on road.

Also I would choose to have always the ISO indicator.


P.S. I'm from Barcelona

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