5D images from India - the best yet

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Re: What, out of sight, out of mind is better?

Petteri Sulonen wrote:

cybercare wrote:

Total BS. Why the hell do you need a camera to give food to the
needy, or clothes to the clothless? I guess it would ruin your
photo opp...

This is very rude. You have no basis for this remark.

Don't you think a photo could prompt someone to give food to the
needy, or clothes to the unclothed... or, even better, do something
that the needy can feed and clothe themselves?

Right on.

If you never see them, how do you even know they exist?


Incidentally, the photographer describes the way he took these
elsewhere in the thread. You might find it an interesting read.

That's a lot to ask nowadays, reading that is.

Your pathetic.

And you have lousy grammar. Nyah nyah.

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I'm with you Peter,

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