5D images from India - the best yet

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Yes, Iknow

krusadr wrote:

Tony Victor wrote:

Mauka wrote:

With the same lens, at the same settings, which crop factor has the
narrower DOF?

Never really cared for it myself.

Back to the 5D DOF issue, and the images posted here, I try to
select the focal length based on the perspective I want. Usually
have a good idea of what picture elements I want to include in the
frame, so thererfore, I then need to decide what the perspective
will be. What background do I want to be seen in the frame as well
as other concerns, i.e. people's noses.

So, to recap, mentally frame the shot, mentally select my
perspective, and hence the focal length, and if I'm using a zoom,
twist the zoom ring, or, if no zoom, replace the lens with the
appropriate FL, and then gently squeeze the shutter release.

So, to circle back, for any given subject
distance/perspective/lens/format, once I have planted my feet and
selected the proper FL for the perspective I want,) FF will provide
less DOF and more blurred background.

Incidentally, did you agree with my response above that the DOF
differences are more than just "inches," and that the degree of
background blur is also important?

Let me know what you mean by default when you ignore my post content.

Focal length does make any difference to perspective whatsoever.

Semantics. If I change the perspective by walking backwards, without changing the focal length, what am I going to do to keep the same subject size in the final image? Crop? I have to use a longer lens. So focal length does have alot to do with changing perspective for a working photographer in a practical sense.

I felt I could take certain liberties here with my language. Now on the 300D forum, well, that would be a different story.

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