5D images from India - the best yet

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Somewhat sympathetic, for a different reason...

I just looked through all the India samples just now, and I have to admit, I do get a slightly sick feeling seeing them.

Here I am, a serious amatuer, very happy I have purchased a $3300 camera, and I'm hit the face with the abject poverty illustrated in that series. I feel guilty.

Look of the title of the thread. Emphasis on "5D" and "best." Perhaps he should have said "worst."

I guess PJ's risk falling into the same habit. "Hey, I got an excellent pic of that guy setting himself on fire!"

We all know why we're here, to learn and discuss photography, and, in thread specifically, to see what the 5D is capable of. But perhaps we should get in the habit of intorducing these threads in a slightly more serious, reverant way.

Also, a link to a site that one could take action against poverty and hunger might be a good idea.

Petteri Sulonen wrote:

Seriously, reactions like yours tick me off big-time. The
photographer is giving a face to the faceless. Do you really feel
it's better that the third-world poor are safely hidden out of
sight and out of mind, so you can forget about their existence and
go comfortably dreaming on about the next, greatest camera?

There was nothing voyeuristic or exploitative about these
pictures. He's connecting with his subjects, and portraying them as
human beings, with their individuality and dignity intact. If you
can't see that, I pity you .

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