"Correct" White Balance

Started Nov 8, 2005 | Discussions thread
OP Darren M Veteran Member • Posts: 4,365
Re: Great shot Darren but...

Hi Trevor.

I agree with you that the background was more shifted, that was how I chose to process it and was sort of my reasoning in the post. Personally, I don't usually think of setting white balance to the brightest area, rather to the most important area. In this case, that would be the shirtless guy.

When I was talking about using the picker in converting the original, I zoomed in on the guys shorts and took my sample from the white flowers on them. They were the closest to true white in the scene IMO. When I did that, I would say the colors looked real, but boring and sterile; they did not match the scene as I experienced it. I would say that the shot as I posted it matched more closely, but was definitely more shifted.

Cheers and thanks for the thoughts.

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