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Re: Not to rain on the parade, but...

Terry L wrote:

I feel very uncomfortable looking at these pictures. I don't want
to be either churish or prudish but I don't find poverty-as-art
appealing. The idea of pointing an incredibly expensive camera/lens
at people suffering such miserable poverty is a bit

Perhaps he asked permission and offered payment. I certainly hope
so. Although I'm not sure that an offer of payment might not be an
added insult.

These are also my thoughts. Furthermore, while I think some of these photos are quite impressive, most are an example of "easy" photojournalism, i e going to a poor country and clicking away at the ugliest angles of local life so that the (Western) viewer would be shocked. It's yet another cliche of which photography has enough already.

And there's hardly any art in most of such photographs - it's plain photojournalism, which in the West seems to have become a synonym for taking snaps of anything and everything, with little advance thinking.

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Starting a gallery of my country:

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