DA 50-200mm F4/F5.6 arrived! [4 imgs]

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DA 50-200mm F4/F5.6 arrived! [4 imgs]

My "DELL" Pentax tele arrived today. Weather was horrible all day until 30 minutes before the sun set and the clouds began to 'part'. I have posted four images and the link to the entire gallery of those thus-far processed. Here is my summarization of my thoughts after shooting 92 pictures in 25 minutes:

Build Quality: Fine. Comparable to the 18-55 kit lens and the 16-45 DA lens. I was amazed at how small and light the lens is. The full lens extension at 200mm does not throw the camera off balance at all.

The zoom ring action is smooth and around 100 degrees turn from 50-200mm. The manual focusing is smooth and around 190 degrees from close focus to infinity focus.

Image Quality: All my shots were hand held and I shot using various ISO's: 200, 800 & 1600 for variety. The image quality are again, comparable to the 18-55 kit lens, but the contrast is higher with the tele.

Vignetting: None (which would be expected at these focal lengths).

Distortion: I could detect just a very small amount of barrell distortion at middle focal lengths (90-125mm) but almost unnoticeable. Absolutely none at 50mm or 200 mm.

Lens Flare: I tried my best by shooting directly into the sun at various focal lengths and apertures, but could produce NONE!

Focusing: Focusing speed in bright light was great. Looking directly into clear sky or dark sky was a problem, but expected.

Overall/Summary: A finely built lens which produces great quality images at all focal lengths and apertures. Focus speed and limitations are not a problem and are very similar to other currently offered Pentax lenses. The quality/value ratio is very high, since I paid $189 U.S. through DELL Computers. Remember, all this post is based on one shooting session with the sun rapidly setting and I was cold and shaking. I'll post more images later.

Note: Everything was shot with the 1st DS, RAW and post processed with Adobe CS with just very slight sharpening and some level correction.

Comments are surely solicited and welcomed!

50mm, F8, 1/125 sec., ISO 200, +0.5 Bias (To show no distortion and good shadow detail.)

200mm, F13, 1/3000 sec. ISO 200 +0.5 Bias (To show absence of flare)

50mm, F5.6, 1/125 sec. ISO 800 -1.0 Bias (To show No Distortion)

63mm, F5.6, 1/250 sec. ISO 1600 -1.0 Bias (To show effects @ High ISO)

Here is the link to the gallery: 15 images
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