5D images from India - the best yet

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Hard, but Not grim

I made this comment earlier but I'll repeat it.

The B&W gallery creates an illusion of grimness that is more extensive than the reality. Many of the people in the images are not miserable although some are. Even the poorest people in India still find joy and laughter.

Also - I do not think that Juan will be offended when I say it is not valid to compare this work with that of Nachtwey as some have done. It is a matter of form versus substance. Nachtwey spends weeks and months plumbing the depths of real human misery, at real emotional cost to himself.

These are good photos, but good images and a good B&W conversion are not enough to make in-depth journalism.

Juli Valley wrote:

I had hoped for colorful costumes. Life is so grim there in the
poor areas. It's so sad.
Canon 2oD, Canon Gee3, and Canon S7o.

I keep trying to find an artist's eye in the B & H catalog

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