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Re: Lived a year in Nepal...

olhovivo wrote:

I know that, was only joking... Though I think his images would
benefit if he wore to shoot closer - it'd add more intimacy and
less perspective compression.

He had a quite a few shot around 30 mm too.

These remind me of Salgado's or even Serrano's work. They're not street situationals; they're street portraits. The 135 looks just about right for that from where I'm at.

I also tend to dislike images of poor and diseased as easier to
depict misery because it plays with your feelings - not so much
nowadays, with all the misery photographers around the world - and
moves aesthetics to a lesser plane. And it's not easy to show these
people with their dignity intact (bla, bla, I know)

And I think he succeeded remarkably well. I don't see these as the least bit exploitative or condescending.

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