5D images from India - the best yet

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It's the Photographer, NOT the camera

As much as I can understand people wanting to know the exact equipment, settings, and post processing done to get results as great as this, please don't forget the most important factor... A highly skilled Photographer. (Having a great location always helps too.. ^ ^)

Having good gear will always make getting a great shots easier, but that gear is nothing more than a paperweight until it is picked up by someone who knows how to use it.

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When I post images to the web I usually post some EXIF data as well, to preclude getting emails on what settings I used to get certain images, but in person I have just started to tell people, "I don't remember" when they ask me what camera, lens, or settings I used.

There is no magic formula. Just work long and hard enough to develop a style that is unique to you and your photos will stand out from the crowd.

Someone complimenting you based on what camera or lens you used is somewhat analogous to commenting on what great pots and pans a person used to cook a fabulous meal.

You always hear people say, "Wow, you must have a really nice camera!", But you never hear someone say, "Wow, you must have some really nice pots and pans!"

The Photographer is key, the gear is secondary.

Having said that, jrodigo has shown us what great results you can get when you mix together the right gear, the right location, and the right photographer.

Just my 2 Yens worth...

Now let's all go out and capture some light of our own! ^ ^

Jeff Laitila http://www.sushicam.com

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