5D images from India - the best yet

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Re: 5D images from India - the best yet

kdvsn wrote:

When you run Canon's RAW conversion software on a PC in batch mode,
does it give you a JPG that it the same as what the camera would
produce. If so, it seems like you could also run a batch file to
covert all your RAW files into JPG after the fact and save both the
JPG's and RAW files for posterity. Then you have best of both
About RAW not being universal, Adobe has a free convertor to
convert RAW files from most currrent DSLR's into DGN format (though
I don't know if the supports the 5D yet). DGN might not be truly
universal either but it seems like its picking up traction.

You are right... but there is a space problem in that... With 13 Mpx, every RAW is 15 Mb and 4 Mb more for the JPG version.

In India I took almost 3.000 pictures. Only this it would be 60 Gb. Yes, it's true I deleted al least half of them... Anyway is too much information and I really don't see the advatage.

Also the process to convert to JPG is time...

Not justificated for me... Anyway most of my friends thinks different.


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