5D images from India - the best yet

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5D vs 20D

Inge Stubdal wrote:

I would like to second (or thirty-fifth or seventy-fifth by now)
that these are some extremely nice images!
It would be great to hear your thoughts on the move to 5D - besides
the obvious DOF that you really make shine.
And as an aside - where in Spain do you live? I visit Barcelona
from time to time, and will be there next week (with my measly D30).
treemed wrote:

Main difference between 20D and 5D is the FF sensor and its implications (DOF, larger viewer, very low noise : even at ISO 1000 is almost not noticiable...)

A practical exemple of implications in DOF:



This was what I was lloking for and it is enough for me. Other differences are not so noticiable (not for me). Perhaps the 12.7 Mpx vs 8.3 Mpx but I think this is not very necesary (if you are not planning to have print copies larger than A3)

DOF is very important for me. Now with f2.8 I have the DOF I need for most shots. So, I can use zooms (with 20D I was "forced" to use prime lenses all the time; now I use primes 50% of the time, but I also can use a 24-70 f2.8L and feel comfortable)

Larger LCD and a differnt system to archieve photos in folders as you wish are also very useful but it is not a buying reason.

Disadvantges vs 20D: price, FF requiers L lenses to work fine, speed (only 3 fps), no flash, no automatic programs. All this things wasn't a real problem for me... Worse thing is you lose focal lenght if you like tele-photography.

Comparing to 1D MarkII, the only thing I would miss is the 45 points of AF. But I don't like 1.3x crop, nor complicate menus, size and weight... With the 5D I can choose to use a grip to have a more consistent camara and to shot vertically, but also take off the grip to go on road.

Also I would choose to have always the ISO indicator.


P.S. I'm from Barcelona

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