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5D vs 20D... any difference?

Mr Rodrigo,

Great to hear your explanation in person, for an enlightenment on your approach, and ethics of your work... it should stop a lot of speculative posts here, especially those related how you shouldn't taken those photos... and many things that are completely out of line.

I'm first and foremost an artists in my life, and equipment is always secondary, but we certainly come here to be educated about equipment as well, which should eventually help us to make wise decision what to buy next. If camera didn't matter at all, we would be all shooting cheap, tiny p & s, and pretend it doesn't matter. There were several posts here that were adamant that camera didn't matter at all, that you could have taken same quality shots with Rebel or 20D. And I'm sure you would be able to make nice shots with those cameras too. But I'm sure there was a good reason in your mind why you got 5D on this trip rather than 20D.

But this is your work, and it would be good to hear how much do you think 5D was a part of the process? Is FF the ONLY advantage of 5D in your experience? Does 5D produce smoother images, more film-like with better dynamic range than 20D or Rebel, as some users attest? Do you think you would have achieved the same results with Rebel of 20D, or you feel there is a definitive and important positive difference in using 5D?

There are many of us who would love to hear your answer on this topic.

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