The have/have no Filter Debate continues

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Ben Herrmann
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The have/have no Filter Debate continues

Hey gang:

Well let me tell you as the "Benster" has been perplexed lately. I've come to the conclusion that other than protecting the front lens element, having a UV or Skylight filter does indeed affect the tonality of the images captured by your camera - regardless of make. I've batted this back and forth as I slowly came to the realization that images taken without these types of filters attached (I'm not talking about Polarizers here...only the UV/1A variety) appeared to experience much better results at color renditions and tonality. When I was using these types of filters, I even noticed that my results were often exacerbated further on hazy or late afternoon scenarios in which a beigish tint could be observed.

Okay, wallaaaaa - enter the new clear digital filters. I've discovered these Hoya Pro Digital series of clear slim filters - designed to do 3 things:

1. Not affect the color tonality of your camera at all, and to...

2. Obviously protect your front lens element.

3. Because of their extra slim design (meaning, they are not as thick frame ringwise and therefore do not induce vignetting - unless of course you already have that problem with a lens).

Here's the direct link to the Hoya web page on this particular filter:

And here's the page at B&H Photo where they are listed for sale:

Or, if you prefer to shop at a filter specialty outlet, check out at:

So I've ordered a half dozen of these - they are usually less expensive than conventional filters. Folks, this may very well be what we're looking for because I know that quite a few of you (us) have discovered that the age old UV or Skylight filters have been affecting tonality - whether it be ever so slight or in some cases, pronounced. These new extra slim digital white filters (as they are now known as) are clear, high quality optical glass designed to NOT interfere with the color - yet provide protection.

Good shooting...


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