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Re: ISO1600 Can Be Very Useable...

Namenlos wrote:

Wow, that's far more noisy than I've ever seen ISO 800 from the E1.

When I see some of the great 800 shots on this forum it makes me jealeous. lol

Did you underexpose it and then raise it again? Or did your
software automatically adjust the exposure? The blue noise looks
more like ISO 3200 than ISO 800.

No underexposure if I recall. Straight shot in S mode. My post processing was simple raw conversion and some noise ninja. I didn't apply too much NN because it was totally eradicating any remaining details.

Also, was it handheld? I usually find that 1/100 isn't reliable
enough at 54mm unless I'm really concentrating hard on the shot, or
I'm using a tripod.

They were handheld, now that you mention it. I can understand this having an impact on sharpness but it doesn't explain the noise level. I'm guessing I'm just getting the exposure wrong. When I expose the way a usually do (slightly to the right) this is typical of the results I get.

My technique must be off somehow, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how.

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