5D images from India - the best yet

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Re: Not to rain on the parade, but...

Documentation is necessary, that's why these pictures are so good. It shows us something we are not familar with. But let me tell you something. After living all my life in Ecuador, I have become "poverty-immune" Don't know how else to say it. But after seeing poverty every day and everywhere, you start seeing the truth. And you know what? Maybe most of you will hate me, but this usually is the truth. A lot of people are poor, because they don't do anything about it. Of course there are issues concerning lack of government help for health and education. Sure! But, when people don't have anything to eat in a country like Ecuadro, it is bullsh*%, because if they weren't so lazy, they could plant anything in their houses. Everything grows there anywhere. So, stop feeling guilty if you see someone poor. Because sometimes if you give them food, they will spit at you, or throw the food back at you, because all they want is money to go and get stoned of something. Sorry for sounding so mean, but try to look at it from all the sides.
Paula Labra!

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