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Re: 5D images from India - the best yet


Thanks a lot to everyone for the great comments!

I saw some messages in my web and I undestood something must be telling in dpreview. So, I looked for jrodrigo and I was delighted and honored to see all your comments. I have just registered to try to answer some things.

Sorry about my english; it isn't so good as I wish...

I'm not a profesional, but photography is my hobby. We went 6 people to India, all of them great photographers (except me )... I know them in a spanish forum I'm used to participate and we get real friends. If someone is looking something in spanish I would hardly recommend this forum:


I have my 5D since only one month ago, but I have already shot 3.500 photos (most of them in my ten days trip to India)

Before I had a 20D and before a Rebel... The main reason to buy a 5D was (for me) the FF sensor and this two implications:

  • DOF. I love narrow DOFs and according to my calculations, the effect of using larger lenses to get the same perspective is equivalent to 1 and 2/3 diafragm. In other words, you get the same DOF in a 5D with f2.8 than in a 20D with f1.6 (this is constant to any focal lenght)

When I had the 20D I was used to use only fixed lens to get the DOF I wanted: I had a 24 f1.4L for general photography, a 50 f1.4 for portraits and a 100 f2.8 for macro and this three lens was the 99% of my use (0.5% 17-85 and 0.5% 75-300)

  • large viewer (same size of the old analogical viewers)

Returning to India... Somebody explain an experience there taking photos and showing the results to the people. It's absolutly true... They become very surprised and pleased to see themselves in the litte LCD.

We had more problems for having too many people wanting to be shooted than photos we couldn't have a (tacit) consent. In many situations we were forced to take bad pictures to please them, show and automatically deleted. Some times we get good results in that kind of situations but most of the times were very forced photos (very far to seem naturals), so we deleted them in the camara.

This is an exemple of a photo were the girl in the center was fighting with his firends to be pictured by my friend (on my left):


Normally we get close to someone not trying to disimulate (sometimes we show the camara)... In little ocasions (2%) we realise the person don't like to be shooted and we go away, sometimes (20%) they asked automatically for money and we also go away, and most of the times we have a tacit permission to take the picture.

We didn't accept to give money for the photos not for the money that is very little but for the dinamics. First day we did the mistake and we have in a second a lot of peolple asking for money and we couldn't take any picture more.

So, we only give money after finishing everything and just a few seconds before we are planning to leave to somewhere else.

The experience is, globally speaking, very, very, very hard. Your camara is a kind of protection to aislate you from the scenario. You think in photography and you try to don't think in the hard situations you have in front... Obviously is not absolutly effective, but it works a little. I wouldn't reccomend the trip we did for someone not interested in photography. Just for tourism or to know I think is too hard.

Finally related to the b&w process, I would tell you I don't use ImagingFactory or something like that. I would recommend this soft but the real thing is I haven't it. Anyway I have seen how it works and it's great.

Anyway, with ImagingFactory you don't get different results... you only get them quicker and simpler... you can also do all the process more "manually"

The main secret is trying to get strong blacks. First of all, I never use Desaturate. I use "Mapa de Degradado" (sorry I don't konw the name in english, it is the option below Channel Mixer in PS CS) to convert to b&w and I get better results.

After, I select Levels and I move the left arrow to the right, beyond the point info begins (so, I lose information deliberatly). With lights I do something similar but not so exagerate. After that I select some areas with big fathers (50 pixels or something like that) and I adjust levels, curves and contrast. At the end I raise again Contrast all I can until the image begins to seem defectuos.

I hope, despite my poor english, I have answer you all the questions

See you!

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